Three generations & 60+ years of denture expertise.

Our History: In 1958, my grandfather, John Lopez, started handcrafting teeth at the Public Denture Clinic in Boise and later in Caldwell. Today, our family's tradition of quality and affordability continues. With more than 60+ years of denture expertise, New Smile is still driven by that philosophy. Unlike many clinics using automated production abroad, we handcraft each denture, striving for near perfection. At New Smile, trust in our dedication to craftsmanship, service, and integrity, ensuring a smile you'll proudly wear.

Over six decades have passed, yet our commitment to John's principles remains unwavering. Unlike many other clinics outsourcing to automated processes overseas, we meticulously handcraft each denture. This personal touch ensures that every denture we create nears perfection, tailored to your unique needs.

At New Smile, our devotion to our craft, unwavering customer service, and transparent honesty create an experience that will leave you with a new smile radiating confidence. Embrace the legacy of excellence - discover your perfect dentures with us.

John Lopez, denturist, in black suite and bow tie
John Lopez, Licensed Denturist
Guiding Principles

Our Values

Value icon to act with uncompromising honesty and integrity.
Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity.
Value icon of commit to treating patients and colleagues like family.
Commit to treating patients and colleagues like family.
Value icon of conduct yourself responsibly guided by accountability
Conduct yourself responsibly, guided by accountability.
Value icon of demonstrate leadership in every action
Demonstrate leadership in every action.
Value icon of deliver superior quality, value, and service
Deliver superior quality, value, and service.
Value icon of cultivate growth while upholding our core values
Cultivate growth while upholding our core values.
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